Reading and spelling are very closely linked because they rely on an understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds.  The importance of spelling goes beyond just getting all the words correct; it facilitates reading and writing. There are a number of apps that can be used to help your child with spelling and this may minimize the grind of spelling homework and engage your child.


Even though it is important to develop a ‘sight word’ vocabulary, it is impossible for children to memorize words  unless they have developed insights into how letters and sounds correspond. Learning to spell requires instruction and gradual integration of information about print, speech sounds, and meaning. These, in turn, support memory for whole words, which is used in both spelling and sight reading.


Hear2Read $7.99



This App addresses the relationship between letters and sounds. The app is graded and children progress from working with compound words, to syllables and finally specific sounds in words.



Spelling Star $0.99



Spelling Star allows you to create spelling lists specifically for your child.

You add the word lists that spellers are studying at school or home.

Record each word and  the word in a sentence to make the word meaning clear.

The app also allow you to share lists with anyone else that has the Spelling Star app.

Practice anytime, anywhere!


Spellboard $4.99



This app encourages students to be involved in the making and taking of spelling tests. SpellBoard allows you to create custom spelling lists. Spelling lists can even be created in a different language which is great for second language learners. You can then add activities such as



Word Search,

Word Scramble,

Alphabetize Words

Sentence Matching

Missing Letter puzzles.

The study mode allows you to  learn words by  seeing and hearing the word and phrase. You can practice writing the word on the virtual white board.

Writing the word provides important sensory feedback in terms letter formation and patterns of the word.


One of the most comprehensive spelling/reading programs is Reading Doctor Software.

The following apps are included in the series

Letter Sounds 1 & Letter Sounds 2 $19.99


Letter Sounds Pro

Letter Sounds






You can read a comprehensive review of these apps over here


Sight Words Pro $19.99








This app addresses the ability to read sight words and you can find an in-depth review of this app here


Poor spellers may restrict what they write and only write the words they can spell. As a result there is an  inevitable loss of verbal power. A child who sees continual improvement in his spelling is usually more willing to write because he is not so focused on spelling mistakes.



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