Nikki Heyman

The Right to Communicate

What if your basic human right to communicate was limited because you did not have an alternative means of communication? What if you loved or cared about something so deeply, but you did not have the means to communicate it? What if you were abused and did not have...

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Critical Thinking: App Review

Critical thinking involves analyses of information in order to make a judgment. It is therefore, a vital skill for academic success. The All Critical Thinking app from Virtual Speech Center provides activities to address some of these important skills. The app is...

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Expect Literacy, presume competence

Expect literacy; presuming competence.  This mantra is 'trendy' in the AAC world but it is important to understand the rationale behind it. A recent post from SpeakforYourself AAC  addressed this topic.   However, the post emphasized that presuming competence is...

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