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Tips to teach conversation

Tips to teach conversation

My previous post which you can find here, outlined the different elements that are needed to have a conversation. A breakdown in any one of these skills can impact on having a conversation. Spontaneous conversation is difficult to teach, because by its very nature, it...

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The art of conversation

The art of conversation

Conversation relates to how we interact socially with others. Conversation is "the exchange of news and ideas between two or more people." A speech-language therapist may refer to  conversational skills as pragmatics.  This is  the way people use language in social...

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Play without Toys

Play without Toys

There are so many toys that get pumped by the media as being 'necessary' because of their educational value. In an effort to do what is best for their child, many parents run off to buy the new toy only to find that their child enjoys playing with the box more than...

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