Plotagon is one of my favorite ‘go to’ resources for speech- language intervention. The ‘pilot episode’ is to give you some background information.  In future episodes, I will tell you more about how I use Plotagon to target specific skills.

What is Plotagon?  It is a tool that lets anyone create animated videos in seconds!

Plotagon is available on two platforms: 

Plotagon Story is available as a free app for iOS and Android 


Plotagon Studio is for Mac and Windows

Plotagon comes with over 200 scenes, and a variety of different clothing and accessories for your characters.  There are a number of free scenes, characters and voices that come with the app. Scenes, characters, clothing and accessories can also be purchased as an in-app purchase.

Plotagon studio can purchased used as a monthly ($49), or annual ($499) subscription with full functionality.

Two pre-installed default American English voices from the acapela group are available on the app.

The studio version, has two additional voices (one male and one female) in a second language or accent of your choice. If you are familiar with Augmentative Communication apps, these voices will be familiar to you. Additional high quality acapela voices can be purchased individually as bundles in the studio version or individually for $4.99 in the app. You can find out more about the Plotagon voices over here

How do you know which version of Plotagon to get?

                                   The table below compares the different versions, feature for feature.


Plotagon lets you create a 3D animated character in a few clicks. You can choose from a huge library of outfits, hairstyles and different looks. Although specific characters are ‘ready made’, creating the characters is a brilliant speech and language activity. The kids don’t even realise that they are working.wink



Building characters is fantastic way to work on vocabulary such as body parts, opposites, synonyms, comparisons, describing, clothing vocabulary, and accessories.  The kids are really excited about their characters and to reinforce the vocabulary,  I have created black and white printed sheets with some of the clothing  to color-in and discuss at home. 





 Carry-over of correct articulation into spontaneous speech is often the most difficult part of therapy. Depending on the child’s level, I either use a carrier-phrase “Please can I choose (hair/eyes/glasses….)”  or more open ended sentences. I always have control of the device to ensure my goals are being addressed.




 These are some ideas to use before you even start creating your Plotagon animation!


You can find more information about Plotagon over here


Stay tuned for the next episode…….





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