More and more clinicians are turning to technology to facilitate learning. The ipad is engaging, motivating and has a number of benefits which I highlighted in my post why should you buy an ipad for your child?”


However,  the plethora of apps out there, makes it so difficult to choose an appropriate app to suit the child’s needs.

In order for therapists, teachers and parents to make decisions about using an app, you need to know

a) what is available

b) have the ability to make an informed decision based on the features of the app.


YappGuru is platform where you can find a credible, easy-to-use, searchable, and fun resources for people using apps in therapy and education.

Here’s why you need to sign up:

1. It’s free! The more people that sign up and use the resource, the more apps can be commented on, voted on and credibility can be improved.

2. Reviews are completed by only the YappGuru App Experts who have tried and tested the app in order to assist you in making the best clinical/educational decision about an app. Links to blogs are contained on the site so if you would like to get more in depth information about using an app, it’s just a click away.

3. You can find apps using a Keyword Search that makes it easier to find all the apps that can be used to target a particular skill.

Through the month of March, the YappGuru team are going to be making a concerted effort to add new reviews.

It is up to you to ensure that you ‘March on’ to YappGuru and become techsavvy, so that you can be informed, creative and critical.

If there are any apps that you would like to know about on YappGuru, let me know and I will review them.




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