Sequencing is an important language skill. The ability to sequence is  important for understanding, planning and retelling stories.




GoSequencing from Smarty Ears currently has 38 sequences organized into categories:

  • Mealtime
  • Playing
  • Grooming & Hygiene
  • Nature
  • Chores
  • Miscellaneous.


There are 13 different levels of difficulty for each sequence from three steps to six steps.

Level 1 only requires the child to identify what happened first or last by selecting one of the pictures. Level 2 onward, requires the user to drag the image or text into the correct place.





Tapping on the image or text activates enables the user hear the content related to the picture or provides a text to speech option.

The app can be used by single or multiple players and there is a great tutorial on using the app which can be accessed by tapping the ? on the home screen


Level 1




Languages: There are three languages to choose from –  English, Spanish and Portuguese

The user is also able to play the sequence before the task, display text with the image, play the sequence after completion and move onto the next level automatically by toggling Yes/No

Modify Database  enables the user to select which sequences will be used in the session

Custom Sequences is fantastic way for you to create your own unique sequence. This can be used to encourage children to think about each step required in a particular sequence or to facilitate the retelling of an event or outing that the child has been on. Custom sequences are also great for use with children who have difficulty making transitions and can be used to create schedules and social stories.




Reports can be generated for individual sessions as well as a graph of overall performance. The student is also able to see their progression through the levels on the app by where their avatar is placed along the path. A certificate can also be generated to give to the child. Students earn star rewards for doing tasks successfully.




What I like:

I really like the use of the modeled sequence as it provides the student with the sentence structure and vocabulary for the sequence. Once the student has completed the task,  they can then retell the sequence using the correct syntax and vocabulary.

The ability to select the sequences that you would like to work on enables you to make the task relevant to the child’s interests or specific to a theme that you may be addressing.

Muting the sound, and selecting ‘text only’ options enables you to work on reading comprehension skills in addition to sequencing. For younger readers, there is the text to speech option if they have difficulty.

The ability to add custom sequences is a fantastic option and I mentioned some of the uses above. I would love to hear of some of your suggestions for using custom sequences.


What I Would like

The text is not always clear and I found it difficult to read at times.

The star rewards are not really motivating for the kids and I had to use external motivators to keep kids on the task.  However, this app does what I need it to do and I feel that working on 2 or 3 sequences in a session is more than sufficient.


GoSequencing is definitely one of my new favorite apps and I am sure I will find a lot of different ways to use it. You can download it on the App Store for $14.99

Smarty Ears has given me a copy of this awesome app to giveaway 🙂 You can enter using the rafflecopter below


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Thank you to Smarty Ears Apps for providing me with a copy to review. All opinions are my own.

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