Articulation Hunt from Home Speech Home is a pirate themed app to encourage multiple practice of articulation sounds. Articulation Hunt is similar to What’s the Pic Artic, and you can find my review here

Articulation Hunt includes sound targets for 25 sounds including blends.

The sounds are not pre-loaded. You can either download the sounds you regularly use, or you can download as you need them. This saves valuable storage space on your device. The app allows the user to use a pirate avatar or a photo of the student.

Articulation Hunt can also be used in groups and up to 6 players can be selected. Data is stored for each player in the group. Notes can be added to the data and can be emailed from the app.

Data and notes

The settings option allows you to select voice activation on/off, sound effects on/off and music on/off. The voice activation feature will pick up the production, but the therapist has to evaluate the production. There are correct/incorrect buttons to monitor the student’s production.

Once the sound and game speed has been selected, play can start. The player has to say the target word between 3 and 8 times.

Target sound

The student is rewarded with a bubble game after each set of word productions. The student has to  pop the bubbles with the target sound and picture. The bubbles can be slow, medium or fast. Each time the correct bubble is popped a jewel is earned. The fast level is challenging and the children really enjoy playing on the fast level. If the incorrect bubble is popped, a skull and crossbones appear. If 3 incorrect bubbles are popped in a row, then all the jewels are lost!

Bubble Game

A new land is unlocked once the student has obtained 50 jewels. There are 9 different lands to unlock.

What I like

  • The bubble game is great fun.
  • Data is saved from session to session and it is easy to track progress.
  • The app is a great way to obtain multiple repetitions of the target sound. This really reinforces the motor planning required for correct articulation.
  • Adding notes in the data allows you to monitor the student’s progress.

What I would like

  • I generally don’t use the voice activation feature because there is usually too much ambient noise around. I would prefer a record feature so that students can self-monitor their productions.
  • The red X button is demotivating for some children and I would like an “almost”  button so that children are not aware of too many errors.
  • Only one sound, in one position of the word can be selected at a time. It would be great to be able to select the sound in all three word positions. This would be particularly useful for children who need practice before going onto spontaneous speech.

Articulation Hunt is available on the App Store for $5.99 

I have 3 copies of this Awesome App to give away!

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Thank you to Home Speech Home for providing me with this app for review. All opinions are my own.

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