In order to improve speech clarity in children with apraxia, consistent practice is necessary. The use of Apps can lighten the load, track progress and engage children more readily.

It must be emphasized  that these apps should not be used as a replacement to speech therapy, but should be used in conjunction with and in consultation with a speech therapist.

Barbara from Geek SLP did a comprehensive review of many of the Apps for Apraxia of speech and has drawn up a comparison of the different apps in the following table.


apps for-apraxia-of-speech


You can find the full post here


In addition to the above, the following apps are also available:








Apraxia Rainbow Bee Virtual Speech Center $26.99 Multiplayer. Two different activities: Flashcards for drill and board game. Cueing is multimodal; Blue boxes under words represent syllables, auditory cueing and movie models of mouth displaying production of sound/word. Responses can be recorded. Graded from CV and VC to CVC words, 2 syllable words, 3 syllable words, and finally the expanding sentence level. Data collection and reports available.
  nacdapraxia Speech Therapy for Apraxia – NACDBlue Whale  $4.99 Choose from 8 different consonant groups.Target 8 levels to practice. Progression through 8 different levels of motor planning. Illustrations and audio for each syllable. Track progressThe developers have 3 other apps which target word endings, words and 2 syllable words
 mouthworks Mouth Works $15.99 Shows videos of visual models of mouth with animationsPostures for vowels, consonants, consonant – vowelWords  (CV), and consonant –vowel – consonant  (CVC) words. Pause Feature. Data collection available
 speechsoundsoncue Speech Sounds on Cue $12.99 Flashcards for English articulation sounds. Words, phrases, and sentences. Ability to record speech. Multimedia full-motion video cues, for independent speech practice. Cues are for individual phonemes (sounds) as well as full words. Rhyming Activities
 Hand cue sound match Hand-Cue Sound MatchDevelopmental House LLC $24.99 Matching pictures of hand cues for various phonemes for apraxia of speech.
speechflipbook Speech Flip BookTactus Therapy $9.99 Customized sound selection. Flip between sounds or words to target any of the 3 parts of the syllable. Over 2300 recordings of words in natural speech & 125 phonemes & clusters. Includes ALL vowels & consonants of Standard American English as well as over 250 sets of homophones. Record words for instant feedback.
 SpeechStickers  Speech Stickers

Seriously Sticky LLC

 $14.99  SpeechStickers targets essential early consonant sounds, M, P, B, T, D, N, K, G, S, SH, F, V, H, W, and seven basic vowel sounds /a/, /i/, /u/, /o/, /^/, /I/, and /e/ in isolation and CV/VC combinations.
The specific target sound to practice can be selected according to a child’s developmental needs.
The number of trials that a child must produce to earn a reward can be set according to a child’s attention span.
An on-screen progress gauge clearly shows a child how many repetitions they need to complete before receiving a reward.


Another fun app that is not specifically for Apraxia but was developed by a parent who’s child has apraxia, is Slowtunes. You can read my review here

Many of the Articulation Apps can also be used for Apraxia as many of them have recording features that allow the child to self monitor.

These include

Articulation Station

Articulation Carnival

Articulation Scenes

Articulate it

Phono Learning Center

It is important to remember that CAS is not a pure articulation problem and should not be treated as such.

Apraxia Awareness day is on 14 May 2014. By creating awareness of this disorder, diagnosis, treatment and efficacy of treatment can be improved.







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