I was so excited to win a copy of Vowel Viz  from Mary over at Speech Adventures. Please read her review of the App here and how she has used it.

I wanted to try Vowel Viz in another way.


I have  a few kids on my case load who are learning to read or are English Second Language Learners, but they are really struggling with phoneme -grapheme correspondence, particularly of the vowel sounds. The fact that the vowel sounds do not have specific placement of the articulators makes it so difficult for the children to obtain feedback.

I generally use a mirror, I label the vowels with little icons, and I rely on auditory feedback.

Vowel Viz creates a whole new dimension to the feedback loop and you get Auditory-Visual Feedback.

Although Vowel Viz is created for a U.S. English Accent, the app allows for flexibility of production within a range for each vowel so even though I couldn’t always use the model on the app, I could provide a model for the child and then child could try and replicate the production in the correct vowel space on the chart.

Have a look at one little girl using Vowel Viz. We are working on /a/ versus /e/ discrimination.


It’s early days still, but I think that this may be the answer to some woes.   🙂

VowelViz is available on the AppStore for $29.99



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