Main Street Memory app from Virtual Speech Center is a delightful app to target auditory processing and recall of  instructions. The app can be used with both children and adults.

The app is set in the Main Street in 3 different stores with different activities in each store.

An example of each type of instructions is given.

Jin’s Jewels

  • Level 1: One item and modifier – “I’d like a pink bead.”
  • Level 2: Two items and modifier – “I’d like an orange and a brown bead.”
  • Level 3: Three items and modifier – “Let’s see, yellow, brown and purple beads.”
  • Level 4: Temporal Directions – “I’ll take a brown before a purple bead.”
  • Level 5: Two items with modifiers – “I’d like an orange with yellow dots and red with blue stripes.”



Pia’s Pizza

  • Level 1: One topping – “I’d like a mushroom pizza.”
  • Level 2a: Two toppings – “A mushroom and meatball pizza sounds good.”
  • Level 2b: Two orders – ” A croissant and soda please.”
  • Level 3: Three toppings – “I’ll take a meatball, cheese and chicken pizza please.”



Sweet Shop

  • Level 1 One item – “A gummy bear please.”
  • Level 2 two items – “Give me a lollipop and a candy cane.”
  • Level 3: One item with a modifier – “I want a blue cupcake.”
  • Level 4: Two items with a modifier – “How about a blue cupcake and a yellow popsicle.




Reward Game

I am a sucker for this ‘Pac-man’ like reward game as it takes me back to my youth. Interestingly enough, although the kids enjoy it and are happy to work to play the game, they are not as enthusiastic as I am.




Main Street Memory works in the same way as the other apps from Virtual Speech center.

It has the following features which can be adjusted:

  • Multiple Students – group or individual activities.
  • Different levels of difficulty on each activity.
  • Select auto-scoring
  • Select alternate counts for multiple students
  • Reward Game
  • Feedback sounds
  • Background noise
  • Delay of stimuli – 5, 10 or 15 seconds
  • Track correct and incorrect responses
  • E-mail results at the end of the game


What I like:

The vocabulary and contexts used are real and functional for every day settings.

The different voices and ways of requesting allowed me to extend the activity to social skills and practicing requesting/question forms.

The ability to add background noise to the activity to simulate real world settings.

The activities have different voices and accents giving the instructions and this is really beneficial to help with processing of information


What I would like:

Although there is a range of voices (old/young) and accents, all the voices are male and it would add to the tasks if some voices were female.

Temporal instructions ask for items before/after another, but the app allows the student to place the items in any visual sequential order as long as the temporal order is correct. I really would like the app to penalize students if they put items in the incorrect sequential order.

It would be great if the jewel shop had other jewellery items besides beads. This would make the vocabulary more relevant and increase the scope of the app.


Main Street Memory is available on the app store for $14.99


You can win a copy of this app by entering on the Rafflecopter below.


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Thank you to Virtual Speech Center for providing me with this app. All opinions are my own.




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