#LittleShop Minis from Checkers are really cute. They are also a fantastic learning tool for literacy.


I always address literacy skills at this time of year with the pre Grade 1 children. This campaign is the perfect way to kickstart the introduction to literacy and math language.



I collected some advertising pamphlets from @CheckersSAThe children were each given a few #LittleShop Minis and they had to find the price of the items in the pamphlet. The children had to work together in groups to find the real price of all the #LittleShop Minis. These early literacy skills meant that they had to pay attention to the print, the logos and the details on the minis and in the advert.

I addressed some literacy skills in my post taking your child shopping, but this campaign allows you to bring the shop to you (or the classroom).

It was noisy, collaborative and most of all fun!

I then introduced some maths concepts by asking them to talk about how much money they needed to buy the items. Most of them still have a lot to learn about the cost of living, but the little entrepreneurs have to start somewhere.  😉 

Have a look at the fun they had!


This activity can be extended for older children particularly when the price advertised is for a larger sized item or for 2 items. Working out how much the smaller item is or how much change you will get from an amount is a fantastic way to work on multiplication, division and subtraction.


Disclaimer: Checkers SA   did not sponsor this post.

I am avidly collecting (and shopping) to add to my #minicollectables. All donations & duplicates welcome  🙂

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