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It’s not all about the app!

Last year around this time, I collaborated with the team from YappGuru and we all posted about our top 10 apps for the year. I thought about doing it again this year and I realised whilst there are some great apps out there, and the list continues to grow,  it's not...

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Screen Time

As a parent of a young child, you are probably racked with guilt  because you gave your toddler your phone/tablet  to play with while you went to the bathroom alone. The previous guidelines of the  American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advised NO SCREENTIME for...

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Go Sequencing: App Review

Sequencing is an important language skill. The ability to sequence is  important for understanding, planning and retelling stories.       GoSequencing from Smarty Ears currently has 38 sequences organized into categories: Mealtime Playing Grooming &...

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Why memory matters

A recent post by  Smart Speech Therapy highlighted  a number of issues about the importance of  working memory and the ramifications of difficulty in this area.   I have written on auditory memory before, but I thought that this area deserved another mention...

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