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Expect Literacy, presume competence

Expect literacy; presuming competence.  This mantra is 'trendy' in the AAC world but it is important to understand the rationale behind it. A recent post from SpeakforYourself AAC  addressed this topic.   However, the post emphasized that presuming competence is...

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Keep Calm and Apologize

Dear Readers I need to apologize for my absence this year. I have been neglecting my blog because I am studying.     The reason that I am studying is that I enjoy writing for my blog. I thought that it would be easy to transition from writing a blog to...

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What’s the pic? Articulation: App Review

Articulation often requires drill and practice. What's the Pic? Artic from Home Speech Home  is a fantastic way to practice speech sounds in a fun and exciting way! If you are sceptical about how drill and practice can be exciting, here is how it works:   What’s...

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LittleShop Literacy

#LittleShop Minis from Checkers are really cute. They are also a fantastic learning tool for literacy.   I always address literacy skills at this time of year with the pre Grade 1 children. This campaign is the perfect way to kickstart the introduction to...

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Building Language with Grammar: Avaz FreeSpeech

Language refers to the method of human communication. either spoken or written consisting of the use of words and sentences to convey meaning. However, as the author of Free Speech Ajit Narayanan notes, language is abstract.  The way that the words are arranged allows...

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