Factory of Categories: App Review

Jul 21

Factory of Categories: App Review

The ability to group objects according to their common characteristics is a basic concept that helps children build a basis for organizing not only their semantic knowledge (meaning of words) but also their world. Classifying and categorizing provide the foundation for problem solving, remembering and integrating new information.

Categorization  is an important skill for the development of new vocabulary and retrieving existing vocabulary. I have discussed this concept in my post on Vocabulary and Strategies to improve Word Finding.


Factory of Categories is an easy to use app by Virtual Speech Center.

It is geared for children from 3 years old.

It includes over 100 categories organized into three levels of difficulty.

The first level includes simple categories such as food, animals, and toys, etc.

The second level includes moderately complex categories such as reptiles, things in the air, and directions, etc.

The third level includes the most complex categories such as gems, gases, things that expire, etc.



The Factory of Categories offers 4 different activities:

Where does it belong?


Where does it belong?

Where does it belong?


Name this category

Name this category

Name this category


Which one does not belong?


Which one does not belong?

Which one does not belong?


Add one more item to the category


Add one more that goes with the rest

Add one more that goes with the rest



  • Enter multiple students
  • Randomize pages
  • Edit the list of categories For each activity, you can select level 1, 2, or 3.  The list of categories can be edited so that you can focus on a specific theme or limit the number of categories you want to work on.





  • E-mail results at the end of the session. Reports for each student can be separated by goal or by date




What I would like

  • Name the category: I would like to be able to switch to receptive mode and have some choices if the student is having difficulty on an expressive level.
  • Add one more : I would like the option to choose the number of foils available to increase or decrease the difficulty of the task within each level.
  • The option to have a voice over for all the activities would enable the app to be used for memory tasks. It would also assist children in identifying the pictures particularly if they are non-readers.
  • Where does it belong: The level of difficulty could also be increased by adding more than four possible words for the student to select. Good fine motor dexterity was required for this task and a lot of the younger children required assistance dragging the word into the correct train carriage.
  • Reward Game – The students have become accustomed to some great reward games from the Virtual Speech Center apps, and although I could easily use a board game as a reward sometimes the students find ipad games more motivating. 😆


I Like

  • The use of the animated train which shows the concept of words in the group
  • Voice option is provided for ‘where does it belong?’ activity
  • The app opens up avenues for discussion about vocabulary terms and problem solving.  Discussions can be used for articulation practice in spontaneous speech which is always difficult.
  • Ability to edit and design the lesson appropriate for your students.
  • Value for money: At $5.99 this is a robust app that is well worth it.


Factory of Categories is available on the App Store at $5.99


I have a copy of this awesome app to giveaway! Enter to win via rafflecopter


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Thank you to Virtual Speech Center who provided me with a copy of this app for review. All opinions are my own.


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