Nikki Heyman

Play without Toys

There are so many toys that get pumped by the media as being 'necessary' because of their educational value. In an effort to do what is best for their child, many parents run off to buy the new toy only to find that their child enjoys playing with the box more than...

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Lively Letters making learning to read fun

Lively Letters  is a reading program that turns abstract letters and sounds into lively, colorful characters. Sometimes, despite all the input, and different reading programs I use with children, they just don't get it.   😕  Lively Letters helps children develop...

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Blogs and Websites for Speech and Language

The internet has opened up the world to resources and information for speech and language. However, trying to sift through all the information in order to find what you need can be difficult and time consuming. Kidmunicate has done it for you! They have compiled a...

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Key Word Kids: App Review

Key Word Kids has just updated this apps for IOS 11 optimisation. I have been using this app for a while, and the more I use it, the more I love it. A lot has been said about core words which are important in order to link language together. But in addition to this, a...

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